Revisionist History

The Rise of the Guinea Pigs

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment could never be done today. No scientist could get permission to starve 36 healthy people for close to a year. But why? Revisionist History tries to follow the strange logic that governs our thinking about medical experiments.

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Death of an Artist

A young Cuban artist named Ana Mendieta made a name for herself as a rising star in the art world. Her turbulent marriage to the older and well-established sculptor Carl Andre raised eyebrows. One September night, Carl called 911 in a panic. His wife, he said, “went out the window.”

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Making Winners: The Coaching Explosion

An insightful collection from the Against the Rules podcast that answers the ultimate question: can even Michael Lewis be coached?

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Pushkin Staff: 2022 Summer Break Updates

Every year Pushkin closes for the first two weeks of August.  It’s a chance for our employees to recharge without worrying about what’s happening back at the office. Some of…

Pushkin Industries Expands Production Capacity With Acquisition of Creative Podcast Company Transmitter Media

Pushkin Industries announced today the acquisition of the Peabody-nominated independent podcast company Transmitter Media, marking a ramping up of Pushkin’s in-house production capabilities for both editorial and commercial opportunities. Transmitter’s…

Pushkin Industries Reveals Female-Led Fall 2022 Podcast Lineup

Pushkin Industries is proud to share details of our podcast slate for fall 2022. The upcoming lineup features three all-new series including The Loudest Girl in the World, a personal…

Pushkin Industries Partnering with A24 on Film and TV Deal

Pushkin Industries is excited to announce a new partnership with A24 — the studio behind award-winning works like Moonlight, Uncut Gems, Euphoria, and Ramy — which will include a first-look…