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5: A Different Kind of Animal
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The Christopher Columbus Condos, where Ned stayed on Grand Cayman. (Heather Holt)

The kingpin of the smuggling syndicate – Leigh Ritch – is safely out of reach in the Cayman Islands. But he’s worried. One of his partners, the Gentleman Smuggler, is in custody. Leigh’s network may soon be exposed. He grows more paranoid, thinking his house is bugged. The syndicate’s security guy, Shine, says he knows a guy who can sweep Leigh’s house. His name is Ed Thomas. (Yep, that’s Ned). So, Ned gets special permission to do undercover work abroad and sets off to Grand Cayman with Shine in tow.

The first version of Ned’s unpublished novel was ghostwritten by James Coyne and edited by Andrea McLaughlin. Voice acting by Walton Goggins.