Season 1

Bozeman: Big Medicine
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Brendan, a self-avowed “Great Indoorsman,” approaches Montana’s outdoor recreation opportunities with trepidation. Meanwhile, his friend Danielle, who once lived in Alaska, rediscovers a part of herself she left behind when she moved to Los Angeles. For a transcript of this episode, click here.

Not Lost is a co-production of Pushkin Industries, Topic Studios and iHeartMedia.


Produced and Written By: Brendan Francis Newnam

Lead Producer: Cristal Duhaime

Associate Producer: Jackson Musker

Story Editor: Mira Burt-Wintonick

Sound Designed and Mixed By: Cristal Duhaime

Mastered By: Hannis Brown

Special Thanks: Danielle Henderson (Read her memoir, The Ugly Cry now!)

Executive Producers: Christy Gressman, Maria Zuckerman, Lisa Leingang, and Leital Molad

Production Assistance: Jacob Smith, Amy Gaines, and Julia Barton

Theme Song By: Alexis Georgopolous aka ARP (You can check out his music at Mexican Summer Records)

A big thank you to the people we met this episode: Rebecca Wood at Big Boys Toys, Grant Grigsby at Troutfitters, Jim Smith at Extreme Performance Archery, Francesca Pine Rodriguez, and Missy O’Malley… now Missy Cashman, her & Rich got hitched! Mazel Tov…