Cultural Asymmetry in Music Technology is Solvable
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A lot of popular music is dominated by the western musical constructions of scale and time but when it comes to creative work -- why be so limited? Khyam Allami is an Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, researcher and founder of Nawa Recordings. In partnership with Counterpoint, (the creative studio of Tero Parviainen and Samuel Diggins), he launched new, free, transcultural music software to solve this problem and facilitate the creation of increasingly fresh music.

Learn more:

CTM 2021 Apotome Live Performance, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn8XHijHUm8

Apotome software, https://ctm.isartum.net/

More about Apotome, https://khyamallami.com/Apotome-Khyam-Allami-x-Counterpoint

Leimma software, https://isartum.net/

Khyam Allami, https://khyamallami.com/