Daryl Hall The Hit Man
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Daryl Hall and John Oates are the definition of Blue-Eyed Soul. After a string of monster hits that stretched from the '70s into the mid-80s, the RIAA named Hall & Oates the number-one selling duo in music history. And they still hold the record today.

But even with that distinction, and the Philadelphia duo’s undeniable chemistry, Hall and Oates have always maintained they are two individual artists. Like an old married couple, Daryl Hall says the duo has managed to stay together for the sake of the dozens of songs they wrote together which they consider their kids. 

On today’s episode, Bruce Headlam talks to Daryl Hall about the night he met John Oates in an elevator as they fled a gang fight in Philadelphia. Daryl also talks about the years he spent working with the production duo Gamble and Huff who pioneered the Philly soul sound. And he explains why, despite his huge success, he doesn’t even really like pop music.

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