Deep Sea Diver
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There’s no playbook for successfully releasing music during a pandemic.  Especially if you’re an indie artist, the stakes really couldn’t be higher. But Deep Sea Diver has managed to put all that aside to drop a thrilling and relevant new album.

While the Seattle-based band has only recently started to find their place in the indie-rock landscape, lead singer Jessica Dobson has played in some of the genre’s most defining bands. She toured the world as the lead guitarist for Beck and the Shins, and played keyboard and bass for the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

In 2015, Jessica formed Deep Sea Diver with her husband and drummer Peter Mansen. In the wake of their  new album, Broken Record producer Leah Rose talked to Jessica about how a stay-at-home livestream series inspired her to write a pandemic anthem in record time. Jessica also talks about how volunteering at a shelter for homeless sex workers helped her overcome a vicious bout of depression and write what she considers the best album of her career.