Season 2

Episode 5: The Babe in the Woods
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July 1973. Who can stem the tide of corruption in Chicago? In this episode: two attempts to clean up the courts. And where they fell short. For a transcript of this episode, click here.

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Credits and Acknowledgements

Deep Cover: Mob Land is produced by Jacob Smith and Amy Gaines and edited by Karen Shakerdge.

Our senior editor is Jen Guerra.

All music was written and arranged by Luis Guerra. You can find the music for seasons 1 and 2 on Spotify.

The Deep Cover musicians are: Luis Guerra (Guitar, bass, keyboards, and synths, vocals on "Pleasure Man”), Adrian Terrazas (Woodwinds), Alan Fajardo (Trumpet), Mike Longoria (Drums and percussion), Jimmy Messer (Additional guitars).

Music consulting by Gabe McDonough.

Mastering by Flawn Williams.

Our art this season was drawn by Cheryl Cook and designed by Shawn Carney.

Mia Lobel is Pushkin’s executive producer.

Special thanks to Heather Fain, Jon Schnaars, Carly Migliori, Maya Koenig, Daniella Lakhan, Christina Sullivan, Eric Sandler, Mary Beth Smith, Brandt Haynes, Maggie Taylor, Nicole Morano, Megan Larson, Morgan Ratner, Royston Beserve, Lucie Sullivan, Edith Rousselot, Jenn Sanchez, Jason Gambrell, Martín Gonzalez, and Jacob Weisberg.

Additional special thanks to Jill Gillett, Travis Dunlap, Maggie DePoy,  Bill Hogan,  David Grossman, Mike Shepherd, Jim Wagner, Denny Czurylo, Lisa Chase Patterson, and Michael Deutsch.

Our sound recordists, researchers, and archivists this season are:  Christian McNally, Isabel Vázquez, Jessi DiBartolomeo, Jane Miliotis, Sarah Kreydich, Riley Sullivan, and the National Archives at Chicago.

To learn more about Bob Cooley, check out his memoir, co-written with Hillel Levin, When Corruption Was King.