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Making a Killing with Bethany McLean

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Joe Nocera on Juul, vaping, and the lesser of two evils
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Juul is the wildly popular, wildly valued and wildly controversial vaping company. Juul became the fastest startup ever to reach a valuation of more than $10 billion dollars — beating the pace set by tech giants Facebook and Snap by four times. Juul as a company claims that it is focused on harm reduction, arguing that vaping gets existing smokers off of lit tobacco, which is deadly. But there are those of us who wonder: Is “the lesser of two evils” really the heart and soul of good business? Is that what American industry is made for? In this episode, Bethany chats with her friend, one-time co-author, and former colleague, Joe Nocera. Joe is host of the popular podcast The Shrink Next Door, and is an opinion columnist at Bloomberg.