Love Songs with Syd (The Internet, Odd Future)
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This week we’re joined by musician and founding member of The Internet, Syd! With the release of her new solo record, Broken Hearts Club (5:00), we discuss the origin of the album (6:48), how she healed in the process of making it (7:30), her evolution from engineer to singer-songwriter (13:00), the salad days of Odd Future (16:37), the depression that followed (21:40), and how she found her voice on the other side (32:44).

After the break, Syd talks about performing through her stage fright (36:32), reckoning with Odd Future’s hyper-masculinity (38:36), the media’s outsized expectations for queer artists (41:00), actualizing her mother’s musical dreams (47:23), a full circle moment with Erykah Badu (52:30), and what she hopes for in the decade to come (54:40).