Marianne Faithfull Fights Back
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Marianne Faithfull has been many things throughout her half a century in music—a close confidant of the Rolling Stones, a pop star, a homeless drug addict and a critically acclaimed comeback artist. Despite a career filled with personal and professional turmoil, Marianne Faithfull has always managed to find her footing. Last year, just as Europe went into quarantine, Marianne started recording a series of spoken word renditions of 19th Century Romantic poems scored by Brian Eno, Nick Cave and her longtime collaborator, Warren Ellis. Resulting in a moving new album, She Walks In Beauty.
On today’s episode, Bruce Headlam talks to Marianne Faithfull about how contracting COVID has impacted her work. Her stalled bio-pic and why she resented being labeled Mick Jagger’s muse.

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