Merry Clayton’s Redemption
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Merry Clayton is a legendary backup singer who has managed to consistently steal the spotlight. Merry’s journey from a renowned backup singer to a solo artist was documented in the Oscar-winning documentary 20 Feet From Stardom in 2013. Almost exactly one year after the film was released, Merry was involved in a near-fatal car accident that resulted in her losing both of her legs. After years of intensive physical therapy, Merry is back and set to release a brand new album, Beautiful Scars.
On today’s episode Merry Clayton talks to Bruce Headlam about the lasting impression hearing Mahalia Jackson and Aretha Franklin sing in church left on her as a little girl. She also recalls how the Rolling Stones convinced her to get out of bed in the middle of the night to record backup vocals on their 1969 classic, “Gimmie Shelter,” and how Coldplay’s Chris Martin was the first person to get Merry back in the studio after her tragic car accident.

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