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Michael Tubbs: The Deeper the Roots
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At age 26, Michael Tubbs became the youngest mayor of a major city in American history. He joins us this week around the release of his breathtaking new memoir, The Deeper the Roots.
Born and raised in Stockton, California, Michael offers the historical context of his city (9:42), the politics around his birth (11:15), his early experiences of homelessness (12:40), the day he met his father in prison (14:45), how he discovered just how ordinary lawmakers were (18:54), and the familial tragedy (23:30) that brought him back home to run for city council (28:00).
As the first Black mayor of Stockton, we discuss the misinformation that enshrouded his term in office (33:10), the city’s “culture of mediocrity” (39:33), the upcoming midterm elections (49:15), and his earliest encounter with President Obama (54:36). To close Michael reads one of his favorite poems by Tupac, The Rose That Grew From Concrete (58:46).