Mother’s Day with Minnie Driver
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This Mother’s Day, a special talk with actor Minnie Driver. On the heels of her debut essay collection Managing Expectations, she discusses the role of luck (3:40), her bifurcated upbringing (5:12) and how it shaped her view of motherhood (11:28).

As we walk through the 1970s, Minnie describes discovering acting in boarding school (12:00), her proclivity for running away (13:02), the story of her performance (16:05), the aftermath of Circle of Friends (21:16), an unnerving series of commercial auditions in her 20s (21:16) and what they taught her about misogyny in Hollywood (30:32).

On the back-half, she tells a tender story from the making of Good Will Hunting (35:06), the media pressure she faced following the film (40:40), finding refuge in songwriting (43:10), and how having her son, Henry, changed her course (46:20). To close, we sit with her mother’s final days (54:10) and how she defines love at age 52 (57:52).