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Musician Buffy Sainte-Marie’s Path to Home
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This week, we’re joined by legendary singer-songwriter, Indigenous activist, and educator Buffy Sainte-Marie. She reflects on growing up to adoptive parents in Massachusetts (4:00), the value of encouraging creativity in childhood (7:12), reuniting with her Cree family at eighteen (10:37), singing for peers in college (14:36), and the alternative conflict resolution messaging behind her early 1960s protest songs (16:46).
On the back-half, she discusses the performance that got her blacklisted by Presidents Johnson and Nixon (30:45), some of the issues facing Native American people in North America (36:50), her inventive core curriculum for students (40:50), and what it meant to be the first Indigenous person to win an Oscar in 1983, and recognized in the Academy Museum today (45:40).