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Making a Killing with Bethany McLean

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The Debt Bomb in Middle America, with Ken Brown
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The Wall Street Journal headline reads: “Families Go Deep in Debt to Stay in the Middle Class.” In the article, we meet several responsible, educated, well-employed families who are making nearly $150,000 a year… yet going deeper into debt with every paycheck. With, it seems, no way out. This is scary because it’s true, it’s widespread, it’s fundamentally disempowering for families, and it’s only going to get worse. For the last two decades, incomes have been pretty much stagnant. Over the same period of time, the average cost of cars, college tuition, health care expenditures, child care, and housing prices have swelled at an alarming rate. In order to bridge this widening gap between earning and costs, the middle class has turned to that knight in not-so-shining armor… financing. Borrowing. DEBT. In this episode, Bethany talks with Ken Brown, the reporter on this WSJ story that has gotten such a huge response.