Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso How We Continue (with Noam Chomsky)

As we near the end of 2021, we turn to Noam Chomsky. The renowned linguist, historian, and social critic helps us unpack President Biden’s response to the Omicron variant (2:17), our distorted view of personal freedom (6:43), what the new infrastructure bill actually means for communities of color (14:32), the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict (18:01), the state of the GOP (21:23), how Critical Race Theory is a “cover-term” for Christian nationalists (24:28), and what we can actually learn from the 1930s America (28:34).
Before we go, he reflects on recently turning 93 (29:55), the night he played in a band (32:23), and how the “bicycle theory” is, perhaps, our only hope in the years ahead (33:31).

The Host

Sam Fragoso

Sam Fragoso is a writer, director and podcast host based in Los Angeles. His interviews have appeared in Vanity Fair, The New Republic, The Atlantic and NPR. In a past…