Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso Nick Offerman (‘Civil War’) Brings a Message of Hope

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Today, actor and author Nick Offerman returns to the show! We call him up to unpack his latest role as a fictional president in Alex Garland’s Civil War (2:30), the function of the film’s politics (9:30), and a powerful poem by Wendell Berry (26:15).

Then, we turn to Offerman’s personal journey, beginning with his recent book Where the Deer and the Antelope Play (32:48), which was inspired by growing up in rural Minooka, Illinois (33:30) and his experiences with the late Sam Shepard at Steppenwolf Theatre (35:55).

Shortly after working with Shepard, Offerman began to find his footing—on and off the stage—as a performer, carpenter, and fight choreographer (39:48). He reflects on his galvanizing role in the film Going All the Way (42:37), the guiding principles of George Saunders (45:30), lessons from his sensei Shōzō Satō (52:10), the start of his nearly two-decade marriage with actress Megan Mullally (54:05), the phone call that changed his life (1:00:00), and the complicated legacy of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation (1:06:36).

Then, before we go, we return to the timely (and urgent) message of his latest book (1:11:30), a piece by Jeff Tweedy (1:14:10), and words by Wendell Berry (1:16:45).

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