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For more than a decade, actor and writer Brit Marling has made futuristic work that reveals truths about our disquieting present. Her latest endeavor, A Murder At the End of the World, is no exception.

We recently sat with Marling in front of a live audience as part of this year’s On Air Fest LA Annex, where we discussed her excellent new show on FX (8:34), the role artificial intelligence may play in the future of filmmaking (14:26), and where she first fell in love with science fiction (20:35). Then, Brit reflects on her winding path at Goldman Sachs and Georgetown (23:40), where she met longtime collaborators Zal Batmanglij and Mike Cahill (25:25) that would eventually result in films like Another Earth and Sound of My Voice (36:18).

On the back-half, we speak on the power of collective action (41:30), the public outcry that followed the cancellation of The OA (45:15), the state of Hollywood (51:12), and why Brit was inspired to direct (57:00) upon finding a passage from the late Polish auteur, Krzysztof Kieślowski (57:35).

You can listen to our 2019 conversation with Marling here.

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