Pushkin Industries was started with a few simple precepts. Put artists and creators first. Produce work that we believe in. And, have fun.

Pushkin Industries is an audio production company co-founded by Jacob Weisberg and Malcolm Gladwell in 2018. Our talented team is dedicated to producing audio in any format that challenges listeners, encourages their curiosity, and inspires joy.

Pushkin Industries is headquartered in New York City with a northern outpost in Hudson, NY, and satellite offices in London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Editorial Principles

Pushkin Industries is expanding the possibilities of spoken word audio. We produce podcasts, audiobooks and other projects that inform, entertain, and inspire listeners. Our work is built on principles of trust: respect and fairness, accuracy, accountability, and honesty. We understand that crucial to earning and nurturing trust is a workplace that values creativity, diversity and open communication.

Our work at Pushkin Industries is distinguished by its editorial process, and our producers and editors follow internal guidelines for ethical best practices. We strive for accuracy in reporting and storytelling. We seek out multiple viewpoints on complex issues. To ensure our standards are met, our content undergoes thorough editorial review prior to publication.

We aim to produce well-rounded stories that reflect the true complexity of the world we live in. We believe accountability to our staff and audiences makes our work better. We recognize our ethical responsibility to correct factual errors, large and small, and we are transparent about those corrections. We credit the work of others, avoid conflicts of interest, and make clear the funding sources of our work.

Our values of respect and fairness extend to the multiplicity of listeners and readers, including those with varying cultural backgrounds, who encounter our work. We approach our work in the spirit of transparency, safety, and humanity.

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Carrie Brody

VP, Business Development

Sarah Bruguiere

Engineering & IT Manager

Izii Carter


Daphne Chen


Gretta Cohn


Farrah Desgranges

Project Manager

Ryan Dilley

Executive Producer, The Happiness Lab

Joey Fischground


Jake Flanagin

Legal Operations Associate

Amy Gaines McQuade


Constanza Gallardo

Managing Producer

Alexandra Garreton

Managing Producer

Malcolm Gladwell

Co-Founder & Editorial Director

Jacob Goldstein

Executive Producer

Jacob Gorski

Sound Designer, Mix Engineer

Gabriel Hunter-Chang

Associate Producer

KalaLea K


Kerri Kolen

VP, Head of Audiobooks

Lidia Jean Kott


Nina Bird Lawrence

Associate Producer & Studio Manager

Tara Machado

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Ariella Markowitz

Post Production Manager

Jordyn McMillin

Digital Media Strategist

Owen Miller

Content Delivery Associate

Ben Naddaff-Hafrey

Senior Producer

Sara Nics

VP, Content

Nicole Op Den Bosch

VP, Content Planning & Operations

Kyra Posey

Creative Partnerships Manager

Justin Richmond

Executive Producer

Leah Rose

Senior Producer

Eric Sandler

VP, Marketing

Karen Shakerdge

Senior Editor

Jacob Smith

Executive Producer

Brian Srebrenik

Senior Manager, Analytics

Christina Sullivan

Chief Finance Officer

Jacob Weisberg

Co-Founder & Executive Chair

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