Deep Cover: Cast of Characters

Ned is an FBI agent from Detroit who goes undercover with an outlaw motorcycle gang, eventually discovering a vast criminal conspiracy. Hobbies: big game hunting, fishing, and home security.

Kathy is Ned’s ex-wife, and also was an FBI agent in the Detroit Office where she worked street gangs. She went undercover once, and felt a little guilty for tricking the criminals.

Toby is a biker, a violent criminal, oh, and he moonlights as a country western singer. Interests: guitars, guns, Harleys, and having a good time. Dislikes: snitches and rip-offs.

Shine is known for carrying a portable lie detector in a briefcase, which he uses to vet members of the smuggling syndicate. He’s been described by different people as “Hulk Hogan,” “Santa Claus,” “Wilford Brimley,” and a “jackal.”

Mike runs a marijuana import business like a grocery wholesaler. At the height of his career, he claims to have controlled most of the marijuana coming into Michigan. Likes: keeping track of inventory. Dislikes: Rats.

Steven earns his nickname from trying to run a smuggling ring as a pacifist. His ideals may bring him into conflict with the unsavory company he keeps. Ask him about the “Beautiful People’s Republic.”

All Leigh ever wanted to do was surf and hangout with his buddies on the beach, but laundering money for a massive drug network takes its toll. Passionate about boats, hospitality, and showing friends around the Caribbean.

A scrappy kid born in Panama City, who rises to power in his country, and keeps friends in high places. Sometimes known as “Pineapple Face,” but careful not to say that in front of him.