Diversity Principles

Pushkin Industries was co-founded by a person of color and is named after a bi-racial poet. Diversity is at the heart of our culture, alongside intellectual openness, respect, fairness, and ethical behavior. Here are the commitments we’ve made toward building a genuinely diverse company and to promoting greater equality in our industry: 

  1. Diversity is a core value at Pushkin. We seek it in our staff, in our shows, and in the voices of our hosts and guests.
  2. To that end, we seek out diverse applicants for all positions at Pushkin. We post open positions publicly, recruit through minority organizations and networks, and avoid relying on personal networks that may reflect systemic bias.
  3. We don’t use unpaid interns or volunteers. We don’t rely on contract workers for long-term, full-time work. Employees at Pushkin are offered benefits and a living wage.
  4. Comparable work earns comparable pay at Pushkin. We will monitor ourselves to ensure that we don't have gender or racial pay gaps.
  5. We don’t pigeon-hole people to work on projects according to their identities.
  6. We don’t participate in panel discussions that lack racial or gender diversity.
  7. Pushkin supports industry efforts to diversify audio by training more people of color as producers, editors, and engineers.