James Blake
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Photo: Max Montgomery

James Blake speaks with Rick Rubin about his new Covers EP. Since his debut album in 2011, the British-born James Blake has gone on to win England’s top musical honor, the Mercury Prize, and a Grammy. He’s also produced and collaborated with a ton of musicians including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Billie Ellish, and Travis Scott. A few years back in 2016 James flew from England to Malibu to work with Rick Rubin at Shangri-La. They worked together on his third album, The Colour In Anything. As you’ll hear in this conversation with Rick today, James Blake had a life-changing experience while working and living at Shangri-La. In fact, has made LA his home base ever since. James also recalls an embarrassing teenage experience that left him making music in secret for years. And tells Rick that recording his new EP of covers solidified his love of perfect pop songs.

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