Win Butler
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Photo: Maria José Govea, @thesupermaniak

It’s been 10 years since Arcade Fire’s exceptional third album, “The Suburbs,” earned a Grammy for Album Of The Year. It’s a distinction that helped catapult the quirky indie rock band from Montreal into one of the world’s biggest bands.

With a string of chart-topping conceptual albums and a live show that’s arguably unmatched by any other modern rock band, Arcade Fire’s genius can be attributed to their tireless work ethic, a collective musical mastery, and lead singer Win Butler’s total surrender to an elusive musical spirit.

Win Butler spoke with Rick Rubin from his home studio in New Orleans, where he lives with his wife and bandmate Régine Chassagne. Win describes the night he and Régine wrote their first songs together, explains why he set out to be the weak link in the band, and why the only place he would talk to Bob Dylan is side stage at an Arcade Fire show.