A Slight Change of Plans with Maya Shankar Named Apple Podcasts Best Show of the Year

Pushkin Industries is thrilled that Apple Podcasts has selected A Slight Change of Plans with Maya Shankar as the Best Show of 2021.  

A Slight Change of Plans blends compassionate storytelling with the science of human behavior to help listeners navigate their own big change. “It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed by any given change. I’ve often found myself thinking, ‘I’ve never gone through this particular change before — what do I do?’” Shankar said. “But while our changes may appear different on the surface, cognitive science teaches us that the strategies we use to navigate those changes can be quite similar. Which is heartening to realize! It means we can learn from changes that don’t look like ours.”

The show features stories about all sorts of change, from Tiffany Haddish discussing how she navigated the foster care system and discovered that she had a rare gift that would change her life, to John Elder Robison, who underwent experimental brain treatment to try and increase his emotional sensitivity. The show dives deep into the science of change with experts like Adam Grant and Angela Duckworth, and features illuminating conversations with Oscar-nominated actor Riz Ahmed, Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves, professional rock climber Tommy Caldwell, and other real-life inspirations like Shankar herself, who had her own slight change of plans earlier this year.

A Slight Change of Plans debuted in May 2021. It is created, written, and executive produced by Shankar.  The production team includes Tyler Greene (Senior Producer),  Jen Guerra (Senior Editor), Ben Tolliday (Sound Engineer), Emily Rostek (Associate Producer) and Mia Lobel (Executive Producer).  It was developed by Leital Molad (VP, Content Development) and Justine Lang (Director of Development).