Award-Winning Former Investigative Reporter Maya Lau Launches New Podcast About Other People’s Finances

Maya Lau, former Los Angeles Times investigative reporter, teams up with Pushkin Industries and Little Everywhere to release Other People’s Pockets, a podcast that asks people about their money – how they make it and what they do with it. For years, Lau has always had a personal fascination – and frustration – around money, even before the days she was trying to raise a kid on a journalist’s salary. Now, she’s turning her reporter’s instincts towards the questions that everyone is secretly nosy about: How much money do other people really make? How do people actually afford a home, let alone a second one? Do they have money wisdom we can steal? Dropping on February 22, Other People’s Pockets is a co-production of Pushkin Industries and Little Everywhere. You can listen to the trailer here.

You’ll hear from a financial dominatrix who gets paid to bully men at the ATM, a nuclear physicist who couch-surfed to stay afloat, and a millionaire influencer who reveals the economics of social media stardom. By mixing honest conversations with real-world financial insights, like how to deal with money anxiety, Other People’s Pockets demystifies the money conversations we are all too afraid to have, in the hopes that more salary transparency will help level the playing field.

“I am so excited to launch this project that explores such uncomfortable, fascinating terrain,” says Lau. “I’ve already learned so much from the money conversations I’ve done for this show, and I honestly can’t wait to bring listeners along on this sometimes awkward but very illuminating journey.”