Financial Times and Pushkin Industries launch Unhedged, a twice-weekly markets podcast

The Financial Times and Pushkin Industries have launched Unhedged, a new podcast that will dissect important market trends and discuss how Wall Street’s best minds respond to them. The podcast will drop every Tuesday and Thursday.

Unhedged will be hosted by FT financial reporter Ethan Wu, who will be joined on Tuesdays by FT markets editor Katie Martin. The podcast will regularly feature a roster of the FT’s leading markets experts, including US financial commentator Robert Armstrong, Alphaville correspondent Alexandra Scaggs and Alphaville editor Robin Wigglesworth. 

Supported by PGIM as the inaugural global advertising partner, Unhedged will explain the big ideas behind financial headlines, from the frenzy over AI technologies to Warren Buffet’s wager on Japanese stocks. Each 15-minute episode will offer a global outlook, industry insights and unique analysis of the latest markets and finance news. 

Unhedged is a co-production from the FT and Pushkin Industries, continuing a partnership that produced the award-winning investigative series Hot Money in 2022. The new podcast extends the FT’s Unhedged brand, which includes the newsletter by the same name, written by Armstrong and Wu. 

“We’re excited to be partnering with the fantastic team at Pushkin on another podcast,” said Cheryl Brumley, the FT’s global head of audio. “There’s nothing like Unhedged out there. It’s a fresh and essential take on markets news, featuring some of the sharpest minds and wittiest voices in the FT newsroom.”

“Pushkin Industries is thrilled to be making a show with the best finance journalists on the planet,” said Jacob Goldstein, executive producer at Pushkin Industries. “Unhedged is going to be so smart and so delightful.”

Unhedged is available from today at, as well as on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts and wherever you get your podcasts.