Hasta la Vista, America: An Original Audiobook by Kurt Andersen and Alec Baldwin

A deranged finale for a deranged era.

Hasta la Vista, America: Trump’s Farewell Address is an original audiobook written by Kurt Andersen and performed by Alec Baldwin, the creative team behind 2017’s New York Times bestselling Trump parody You Can’t Spell America Without Me. In Hasta la Vista, America, we hear Baldwin’s Trump holed up in the White House with only advisor Hope Hicks there to run the recording session. “Trump” endeavors to deliver not only his Farewell Address but also his 2021 State of the Union Address plus a preview of his forthcoming blockbuster presidential memoir. With music and sound effects.

This 42-minute audiobook original is available exclusively on our website.

As a co-founder of Spy magazine in 1986, Andersen helped oversee the magazine’s debut issue cover story (“Jerks: The Ten Most Embarrassing New Yorkers”) featuring Trump. In its regular coverage of him, Spy also indelibly labeled the future President “short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump,” setting up his remarkable hand-size feud with Marco Rubio during the 2016 Republican primaries. “Instead of celebrating the recent holiday season normally,” said Andersen, “I channeled Trump and wrote this. Alec and I thought it would be fun to team up one last time to expose his ugliness and celebrate his defeat. And it was! Although as ever, we realized again how Trump’s grotesque reality always threatens to overtake satirical fiction –– as it did during the last week.”

“I was only interested in doing Trump, again, in any form, if it was with Kurt, who’s the greatest political satirist as far as I’m concerned,” said Alec Baldwin.

“When I thought about what I most wanted to hear to end the Trump era, it was this combination of Kurt’s wit and Alec’s delivery. I was delighted they were both game,” said Pushkin CEO and co-founder Jacob Weisberg. “Hasta la Vista, America is, like all great satire, an insightful picture of our current reality, as unreal as that may feel. It’s a great listening experience, and we’re really proud to add it to our growing catalog of Pushkin audiobooks.”

Get it on Wednesday, January 13 here.