Malcolm Gladwell to Profile Extraordinary Heroism in New Podcast “Medal of Honor: Stories of Courage” from Pushkin Industries and iHeartPodcasts

Why do we tell stories about heroes? Because every story needs a hero. 

Co-produced by Pushkin Industries and iHeartPodcasts, Medal of Honor: Stories of Courage is a new podcast from Malcolm Gladwell (out June 26) that tells the extraordinary tales of some of our nation’s heroes. Each week, Gladwell will profile one Medal of Honor recipient’s life and courageous actions while exploring themes like what it is that makes a hero, why people put their lives in danger for others, what human beings are capable of, and the true nature of sacrifice.

“We tell stories about heroes because of a simple fact about the human mind: Courage is contagious,” Gladwell explains. “And when you hear about someone doing something heroic, it makes you want to be a hero too. And these days, we could use more heroes.” 

In Season 1, you’ll hear stories of Medal of Honor recipients ranging from the Civil War to the Iraq War including Henry Johnson, a “Harlem Hellfighter” who, despite his valor on the battlefields of France during WWI, returned home to a different type of battle due to his race; Mary Walker, the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor; and Douglas A. Munro, the first person to receive the medal for actions performed during service in the Coast Guard.

This show is about these heroes: What they did. What it meant. And what their stories tell us about the nature of courage and sacrifice — not just for our country, but for each other.

The full list of Medal of Honor winners profiled in Season 1 includes Mike Thornton, Henry Johnson, Douglas A. Munro, Alwyn Cashe, Mary Walker, Tibor Rubin, Jay R. Vargas, Robert Bush, and John Chapman.

Malcolm Gladwell is the author of several bestselling books and host of the hit podcast Revisionist History. His next book, Revenge of the Tipping Point, will be released on October 1, 2024.