Pushkin Industries Celebrates World Happiness Day with Network Wide Broadcast Led by Dr. Laurie Santos

‘The Happiness Lab’ host will lead the entire network for a collaborative episode featuring special guests Malcolm Gladwell, Tim Harford, and Dr. Maya Shankar

On March 20th, Pushkin Industries is proud to release a special podcast broadcast in collaboration with its renowned slate of hosts to celebrate World Happiness Day. Dr. Laurie Santos, happiness expert and host of The Happiness Lab, will present a first-of-its-kind episode with special guests Dr. Maya Shankar from A Slight Change of Plans, Tim Harford from Cautionary Tales, and Revisionist History’s Malcolm Gladwell to go in-depth about the happiness topics that they would like to see raised on this day of global wellbeing awareness.

The discussion ranges from how to develop a healthier inner monologue; to the misery of running in a Canadian winter; to the happiness lessons to be learned from a painful colonoscopy. The episode will be broadcast across the Pushkin network, including Revisionist History, A Slight Change of Plans, Cautionary Tales, Against the Rules, Broken Record, and others.

The episode also kicks off a series on The Happiness Lab, which will continue to explore additional findings from the 2024 World Happiness Report.

“On World Happiness Day, I’m thrilled to collaborate with my fellow Pushkin hosts and hear their insights on how our listeners worldwide can achieve joy and wellbeing,” Dr. Laurie Santos shared.

Tune in on March 20, 2024 to embark on a journey towards a happier and more fulfilling life. And if you’d like more, be sure to check out a new season of A Slight Change of Plans with acclaimed behavioral scientist Dr. Maya Shankar coming on April 1, 2024. On the heels of her hit TED Talk reaching more than 1.5 million viewers, Maya is back celebrating captivating stories of resilience, transformation, and personal growth. You can find A Slight Change of Plans, The Happiness Lab, and all Pushkin podcasts on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, Amazon, or wherever you like to stream.