Pushkin Industries Partners With Little Everywhere and Will Co-Produce Season 3 of ‘The Dream’

Pushkin Industries announced today a partnership with the Los Angeles-based production house Little Everywhere. Little Everywhere’s hit show The Dream has joined the Pushkin network. Pushkin Industries and Little Everywhere will co-produce the highly anticipated third season of the investigative series next year. Additionally, the two companies will jointly launch a finance show called Other People’s Pockets, which is expected to premiere in February 2023 and are developing further collaborative projects.

“We’ve long admired the small but mighty team at Little Everywhere from their work on The Dream and beyond,” said Leital Molad, Pushkin’s VP of Content Development, “Their production chops and creative spirit are a great match for Pushkin, and we look forward to collaborating with them for years to come.” 

“We are thrilled to be working with Pushkin. From our first meeting, we have felt aligned in our personalities and priorities, and this partnership is among the most creator friendly that we know of in podcasting.” Says Jane Marie, co-CEO of Little Everywhere. “We all want the best for and of each other, and can’t wait to share that spirit with our listeners.”

The first co-production between the two companies will be Other People’s Pockets, a show that asks people from all walks of life to get radically transparent about their personal finances. The podcast will be hosted by journalist Maya Lau, who came up with the idea after years of feeling frustrated and confused about money and wanted to use her investigative reporter’s instincts to level the playing field. 

The third season of The Dream will again be hosted by Jane Marie, formerly of This American Life, and Dann Gallucci. The upcoming season will focus on the life coaching industry and self improvement, which are intimately connected to the subjects of seasons one and two: multi-level marketing and wellness. 

Little Everywhere was represented by Eric Spiegelman, who helped broker the deal with Pushkin Industries.