Season 3 of Award-Winning Podcast ‘The Dream’ Investigates the Life Coaching Industry

Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist Jane Marie returns with season three of her hit investigative podcast The Dream – the show that has taken listeners deep into the billion dollar worlds of wellness and MLM pyramid schemes, all while examining the overwhelming existential conundrums at the heart of the business of self improvement. In this upcoming season, Jane Marie gets to know gurus, life coaches, and all the people who claim they can give us the answers we’re all seeking about how to achieve The American Dream. Is it all in our mindset? Or our privilege? Or are we all under a spell?

With help from current and former life coaches, ex-cult members, career coach researchers, and her very own life coach, Marie unravels the world of the so-called gurus, masters, and experts who claim that their specific brand of coaching will be the panacean salve for your existential dread.

Examining the nefarious industries that target people who will do anything in pursuit of The American Dream, the first two seasons of The Dream both hit #1 on the Apple Podcasts charts. 

Season one focused on the mysterious world of multi-level marketing, while the second season dived into the billion-dollar world of wellness.

“In our previous seasons we looked at multi-level marketing and the wellness industry, and everywhere we turned there was some larger than life leader showing people the path to financial freedom, or perfect health or inner peace,” says Marie. “This season, we really wanted to figure out who those people are, what motivates them, and whether their conviction that mind over matter – or tapping into the universe, or manifesting, or believing – can actually transform lives, and is that a good or bad thing? Spoilers ahead!”

Jane Marie will also expand on the topics she covers on the show in her upcoming book Selling the Dream, which continues to expose the scourge of multilevel marketing schemes and how they have profited off the evisceration of the American working class. Selling The Dream will be released on March 12th, 2024.

“The first season of The Dream had me hooked,” said Leital Molad, Pushkin’s SVP of Content Development. “Jane’s distinctive relatable voice and the show’s deep reporting did a brilliant job of showing how the MLM phenomenon is quintessentially American. This new season on life coaches is just as enlightening, and working on it with Jane and Little Everywhere has been a delight. We’re eager to share it with listeners.”

The third season of The Dream premiers on September 13, 2023 wherever listeners access podcasts. It will feature ten narrative-style episodes. Pushkin+ subscribers will be able to binge the entire season on the very first day.