Steve Martin and Adam Gopnik Team Up For “So Many Steves,” An Original Audiobook

This May, New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik creates a new type of profile: a year’s worth of conversations with Steve Martin in which Gopnik pulls back the curtain on Martin’s illustrious career. In SO MANY STEVES: Afternoons with Steve Martin (on sale 5/2/23; Pushkin Industries), beloved entertainer Steve Martin is more candid than he’s ever been about his creative life. This engrossing audio-biography was born from a series of conversations recorded over many afternoons at Steve’s home with his friend and neighbor, writer Adam Gopnik.

Featuring conversations that were recorded over the course of a year in Steve Martin’s Upper West Side apartment, So Many Steves features distinctive commentary about Steve’s creative pursuits along with never-before-shared anecdotes from life on set. In conversations with his friend Adam, Steve reflects on his career, his early days working as a magician, on his rise to Hollywood stardom, and what inspires him to keep challenging himself as an artist. Banjo in hand, he scores the audiobook himself, adding to the warmth of the project.

Brimming with archival audio from SNL, Smothers Brothers, and Johnny Carson, plus soundbites from movies like The Jerk and Father of the Bride, this original audiobook is a series of intimate conversations between old colleagues that reveals Martin’s thoughtful approach to both art and life. Expertly guiding the project throughout, Adam Gopnik brings you into the art-filled room with Steve and himself, sitting you on the couch across from them as they reveal new perspectives on the comedy legend.

So Many Steves joins Pushkin Industries’ slate of form-defying audiobooks, including Inside Voice by Lake Bell and Miracle and Wonder: Conversations With Paul Simon by Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Headlam, as well as Heartbreak by Florence Williams, winner of the 2023 PEN / E.O. Wilson Literary Science writing award, a newly recorded version of Michael Lewis’ Liar’s Poker, and Joshua Cohen’s novel The Netanyahus, winner of the 2022 Pulitzer Prize in fiction.
You can find So Many Steves: Afternoons with Steve Martin wherever digital audiobooks are purchased or borrow it from your local library. You can also buy So Many Steves at and listen on your podcast player of choice.