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Singer/songwriter Caroline Rose has always been a character. Her music videos often feature Caroline as the screwball lead, navigating ambition, desire and super stardom. Now, on her latest album, The Art of Forgetting, Caroline is shedding all of the past pretense and offering up an unflinching look into her inner life in the midst of personal turmoil. The result is an album packed with clever lyricism and soaring arrangements produced by Caroline with help from Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso.

On today’s episode, Broken Record producer Leah Rose talks to Caroline Rose about why she wanted to set her living room on fire for the sake of her album art. Caroline also shares an early demo of a song she wrote under a starry desert sky, and she explains how aside from herself, Caroline’s parents are her harshest critics.

You can hear a playlist of some of our favorite Caroline Rose songs HERE.

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