Broken Record Ziggy Marley Reminisces About Jamaica and His Father

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Malcolm Gladwell recently spoke with Ziggy Marley as part of the Live Talks Los Angeles series. Their conversation centers around a book of photographs Ziggy curated called Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend. Ziggy has gone on to become a reggae icon in his own right and is now an eight-time Grammy winner, a philanthropist, author and keeper of his dad’s legacy along with the rest of the Marley family. Today we’ll hear Malcolm and Ziggy talk about the turbulence in ’70s Jamaica caused by two opposing political parties. Ziggy also recalls the night gunmen ambushed the Marley house, shooting his mother and Bob—both whom thankfully survived. And Ziggy answers the question we all want to know: was the famously soccer-obsessed Bob Marley really any good on the field.

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