Cautionary Tales BONUS: Storks, Smoking and the Power of Doubt

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It’s easy to mock statistics or cast doubt on them, but we do so at our peril. Undermining our trust in facts and figures can cause great harm, and even death. We should guard against it.

Tim Harford looks at how the seeds of doubt are planted in this mini-episode of Cautionary Tales to celebrate the release of his latest book.
“How To Make The World Add Up” is out now in much of the world, while listeners in US/Canada can pre-order it under the title “The Data Detective” ahead of its release in early 2021.

The Host

Tim Harford

Tim Harford’s long-running column in the Financial Times, “The Undercover Economist,” reveals the economic ideas behind everyday experiences. His first book, The Undercover Economist, was published in 30 languages and sold…