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Today, Carl Andre lives in the same apartment where Ana fell to her death. Helen investigates and grapples with what his not guilty verdict means and chips away at the silence the art world has used to protect both Andre and itself.

Correction: In this episode, we say the artwork called Ochún is a film that shows two lines of mud or dirt; they are actually made of wet sand.

The Hosts

Katy Hessel

Katy Hessel, host of Death of an Artist: Krasner & Pollock, is an art historian, author, curator and broadcaster. Through her The Great Women Artists Podcast and Instagram account, which foreground women…

Helen Molesworth

Helen Molesworth, host of Death of an Artist Season 1, is a writer and a curator based in Los Angeles. She is the host of David Zwirner’s PROGRAM, a video interview…