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Into the Zone is a podcast about opposites, and how borders are never as clear as we think. With a novelist’s eye for the unexpected, host Hari Kunzru takes the listener around the world, meeting philosophers and punk musicians, New Age gurus and space explorers, to investigate the gray zone between life and death, public and private, black and white, and more.

Most Recent Episode

Dead or Alive

Life’s final border might not be so final after all. From tardigrades to viruses, some things are both dead and alive. Or neither. How do we draw the line between…

When We Were Cyber

Cyborgs, cyberspace, mind-melting techno. In the mid-’90s, the future had arrived. To find out what happened to it, Hari pays a visit to philosopher Manuel DeLanda, and to the legendary…

The Ghost in the Codec

At the dawn of the digital era, a group of engineers tasked with audio compression had to decide what information to keep, and what to leave behind. What was signal,…

Never Mind the Stasi

East Berlin, 1983. A teenage punk rocker finds himself in a Stasi interrogation cell. The choice is simple: inform on his friends, or go to prison. Hari travels to Berlin…

It’s Always Sunny in the Dialectic

Look on the bright side! In a country obsessed with positivity, Hari traces the path of exiled German intellectual Theodor Adorno to sunny California, where he gets stuck in traffic…

The Guru of Ojai

In the 1920s, a messianic visitor to Hari’s family home unveils the connection between Indian Independence movement and the astral plane. Nearly a century later, Hari travels to the orange…

That Ain’t Country

Country? Rap? Lil Nas X’s chart-topping “Old Town Road” revived a long debate about borders and boundaries in American popular music. To sort out this strange history, Hari heads down…

Druid Like Me

Hari’s visit to Stonehenge on the solstice prompts an investigation into the gray zone between being a native and a migrant, and his memories of growing up in Essex during…

Introducing Into the Zone

Hosted by novelist Hari Kunzru, Into the Zone is a new podcast about opposites, and how borders are never as clear as we think. Coming September 3, 2020 from Pushkin…

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