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For years, Lauren Ober wasn’t all that jazzed about herself. She was always getting in trouble, she had weird sensory issues and her anxiety felt off the charts. Plus, socially she kind of sucked. Life for Lauren just seemed harder than it should have been at 42. And then, in the middle of a global pandemic, she found out why — she was autistic. This show tells the story of Lauren’s journey to understand what the hell it means to be on the autism spectrum and how to live life as a newly diagnosed autistic person. It’s about finding yourself broken in a place you never expected to be and emerging from that place a mostly glued back together person.

Most Recent Episode

4 – Hannah Gadsby Is My Bestie

So Lauren finally got her autism diagnosis. But what the hell did that even mean? Where is the neurodiversity roadmap for someone diagnosed in their 40s? Turns out, there isn’t…

3 – Little Robots and Casual Rockers

If you want to get evaluated for autism, you have to take some tests. But the earliest autism evaluations suggested that autistic kids were like little robots who wore the…

2 – Goodbye, Routine; Hello, Meltdown!

The pandemic upended nearly everyone’s lives. It caused people to reevaluate their jobs, their relationships, their lives. For Lauren, the pandemic meant a collapse of her daily routine. When the…

1 – Talking: A Love Story

Lauren loves to talk. She’ll talk to anyone — baristas, postal carriers, neighborhood dog walkers. But her talking is more than just idle chit chat — it’s a kind of…

Introducing: The Loudest Girl in the World

The Loudest Girl in the World is a new podcast that tells the story of Lauren Ober's journey to understand what the hell it means to be on the autism…

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