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When both his popular culture podcast and long-term relationship come to an end, journalist Brendan Francis Newnam finds he has the time — and freedom — to pursue his dream: a travel podcast where he goes places and learns about them by getting invited to a stranger’s house for dinner. A friend joins him at each destination and they drink, dance, and eat their way from Montréal to Mexico City, often learning as much about themselves as the place they’re visiting. Not Lost is both a delightful travel escape and an insightful look at people — locals and visitors alike — trying to make sense of a constantly changing world.

Not Lost is a co-production of Pushkin Industries, Topic Studios and iHeartMedia. iHeart Media is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries.

Most Recent Episode

Not Lost Chat: Traveler Not Tourist (Geoff Dyer & Colman Domingo)

Brendan receives a postcard from the only registered US historical landmark outside America and then talks with the great essayist, novelist and occasional world-class complainer, Geoff Dyer about travels to…

Not Lost Chat: How Do You Say “Love”? (Kristin Newman & Paul Feig)

Brendan speaks with Kristin Newman, author of “What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir,” about falling in love in a different language, plus she provides travel tips…

Not Lost Chat: Further Than They Appear (Marius Kociejowski & Jessi Klein)

Brendan visits Japan on a trip that puts the “junk” in junket. Then he speaks with Marius Kociejowski, author of The Serpent Coiled in Naples, an immersive plunge into the…

Not Lost Chat: Where Am I? (Jessica Nabongo & Tegan and Sara)

Brendan talks with Jessica Nabongo, the author of “The Catch Me if You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Every Country in the World” about the mysterious community of “country counters”…

Not Lost Chat: Road Work (Andrew Sean Greer & Jay Pharoah)

New York Magazine described “Not Lost” as having the “slight energy of Andrew Sean Greer’s Less” so Brendan calls the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the comic, road trip novels “Less”…

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