Risky Business with Nate Silver and Maria Konnikova Snap Elections, Global Warming, and Maria’s Favorite Hot Sauce

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This week on Risky Business, Nate and Maria discuss the reasoning behind Macron’s decision to hold early elections in France, how heat waves could help communicate the reality of climate change, and what we can learn from the impending sriracha shortage. The theme that ties it all together: How to think about long-term risk.

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The Hosts

Nate Silver

Nate Silver, co-host of the Risky Business podcast, is the founder and former editor-in-chief (2008-2023) of FiveThirtyEight, which was published by The New York Times, ESPN, and ABC News. FiveThirtyEight…

Maria Konnikova

Maria Konnikova, co-host of the Risky Business podcast, is the author, most recently, of The Biggest Bluff, a New York Times bestseller, one of the Times’ 100 Notable Books of…