The Best Audio Storytelling: 2022

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Finally an annual collection of the best nonfiction audio stories pulled from podcasts, radio, and audiobooks, featuring a foreword by bestselling author, and audio fan, David Sedaris.

The Best Audio Storytelling is a new collection of thirteen of the year’s best nonfiction audio stories from podcasters, radio journalists, authors, independent creators, and more.

The stories within this anthology transport you to a lush garden, to life in prison, to a cruise ship bar, and even into outer space. Curated by Pushkin Industries Executive Editor Julia Barton, a longtime editor of podcasts and radio, with a foreword by lifelong audio junkie David Sedaris, The Best Audio Storytelling is a celebration of the most innovative and powerful audio storytelling of the year.

This year’s collection includes pieces from: 

  • Author Jason Reynolds
  • KCRW Radio Race “Newbie” Award winner: Ezra and Eve Austin (aka “Mass of Kugel”)
  • Investigative podcast Will Be Wild
  • Critically-acclaimed investigative podcast Stolen: Surviving St. Michael’s
  • History podcast One Year: 1986
  • NPR’s Morning Edition
  • Science podcast Terrestrials
  • Actor Lake Bell
  • Planet Money
  • Rumble Strip
  • The New York Times
  • Award-winning podcast Ear Hustle
  • Richard’s Famous Food Podcast

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