What’s Your Problem? Facing Fear in the Housing Market

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Glenn Kelman is the CEO of the real estate company Redfin. His problem: With the housing market teetering, how do you sell houses online?

Redfin has a website where you can look at houses for sale, just like Zillow. But Redfin also employs real estate agents all over the country to help people buy and sell houses. Recently, Redfin has started to buy houses and flip them for a profit and that new business is risky.

“I’m worried about the economy,” Glenn says. “I’m worried about the war and Ukraine, worried about the stock market, worried about, consumer confidence and mortgage interest rates. So lions and tigers and bears, it might be a scary summer.”

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Jacob Goldstein

Jacob Goldstein spent more than a decade as co-host of the Planet Money podcast. He's also the author of the book Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing, which the New…