Where There’s a Will: Finding Shakespeare

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Where There’s a Will searches for the surprising places Shakespeare shows up beyond the theater. Barry Edelstein, artistic director at The Old Globe, one of the country’s leading Shakespeare theaters, and co-host Em Weinstein ask what is it about Shakespeare that’s given him a continuous afterlife in all sorts of unexpected ways. You’ll hear Shakespeare doing rehabilitative work in a maximum security prison, helping kids on the autism spectrum to communicate, shaping religious observances, in the Oval Office, and even at the center of a deadly riot in New York City. Join Barry and Em as they uncover the ways Shakespeare endures in our modern society, and what that says about him, and about us. From Pushkin Industries and The Old Globe.

Most Recent Episode

Episode 8: Faith And Wonder

What happens when William Shakespeare walks into a Yom Kippur service? We take a deep dive into how Shakespeare informs contemporary religious practices and faith traditions, and explore one of…

Episode 7: Thinking Shakespeare Live

Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Military Band Edition courtesy of US Air Force Band of the West. Sonnets 18 and 116 Sonnet 18           …

Episode 6: Teenaged Shakespeare

Is a Shakespeare-obsessed 15 year-old geeky, or totally cool? We meet a group of teens who’ve immersed themselves in Shakespeare to hear why they believe this writer speaks to them…

Episode 5: Shakespeare and Presidents

To be, or not to be President? Shakespeare is a longtime ally of America’s Commanders-in-Chief, and for good reason: there's plenty to be found in his plays about leadership and…

Episode 4: Shakespeare and Gender

Where men are women, women are men, and gender is As You Like It. Co-host Em Weinstein leads an exploration of how Shakespeare bent gender on the stage and in…

Episode 3: 4 Hamlets

Hamlet is everywhere right now. But this isn't the same play you read in high school English. We meet the minds behind a singing Hamlet, The Northman's Amleth, and Pulitzer…

Episode 2: Becoming King

Host Barry Edelstein takes us into California’s Centinela State Prison for a one-of-a-kind production of Shakespeare’s English history plays performed by incarcerated individuals. What makes Shakespeare a force of transformation…

Episode 1: Is Shakespeare American?

The year is 1849, and a riot at a Shakespearean theater has left dozens of people dead. But as it always is with the Bard, there's more here than meets…

Where There’s A Will: Finding Shakespeare

Where There’s a Will searches for the surprising places Shakespeare shows up outside the theater. Host Barry Edelstein, artistic director at one of the country’s leading Shakespeare theaters, asks what…

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