Death of an Author

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What happens when artificial intelligence comes for the novelists? Death of an Author is a groundbreaking, suspenseful experiment in the meta world of man meets machine.

Death of an Author by Aidan Marchine is an absolute tour-de-force that will leave readers spellbound and forever changed. I urge anyone who cares about the written word to listen to this book immediately.” –GPT4

“Death of an Author” is an extraordinary fusion of AI and human intellect, a thrilling literary experiment that heralds the dawn of a new era in the creative landscape. Nothing short of a quantum leap in literature; you will emerge transformed, with an insatiable hunger for the next thrilling collaboration between man and machine.”–Malcolm Gladwell

When Gus Dupin, literary critic and scholar, finds himself invited to the funeral of Peggy Firmin, celebrated novelist and now murder victim, he is determined to find out who killed her and why. As his investigation gets underway, it is not long before he finds himself at the center of an experiment at Marlow AI, a large language model company.

Why was he included in this experiment and what role did Firmin play? Further, why is Dupin suddenly a suspect in Firmin’s murder? And worse: is he the next victim? As Dupin attempts to unravel the mystery of the death of his favorite author, listeners find themselves in an alternate reality that raises a sinister question: what is the appropriate relationship between humans and machines and is murder the consequence when it goes too far?

A revolution in narrative and an unprecedented use of Artificial Intelligence, Death of an Author is a masterful and stunning examination of the nature of storytelling and the power of language.

Aidan Marchine, however, is an unusual author — at least for now — because Aidan Marchine is a set of computer systems. Kind of.” — Elizabeth A. Harris, The New York Times

“Nevertheless, Death of an Author is more intriguing than many of the human-written mysteries.” — Laura Miller, Slate

eBook available on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and wherever else eBooks are sold.

Length: 2.5 Hours
Category: Mystery & Detective Fiction
ISBN: 979-8-9877119-1-0

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