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Car Show! with Eddie Alterman

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Longtime Car and Driver editor Eddie Alterman thinks all cars are great, even the awful ones. But some cars, he says, transcend their “car-ness” and have a story to tell. On Car Show!, Alterman tells those stories. Stories of the vital cars — the ones that have changed how we drive and live, whose significance lies outside the scope of horsepower or miles per gallon. Because some cars are more than just a pile of metal, glass, and rubber. Some cars are rolling anthropology. Launches May 18, with new episodes on Wednesdays.

Most Recent Episode

The Porsche 928: Why Better Isn’t Always Best

The Porsche 928 was meant to replace the Porsche 911. Instead, it cemented the 911 as the Porsche icon. In this episode, Eddie investigates why the incredibly great Porsche 928…

The BMW M5: The Last Best Sport Sedan ft. Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell joins Eddie to share this ode to sport-sedan purity, before automation and excessive trim ruined everything.

The Jeep Wrangler: Saving Democracy, Making Bank

The Jeep was created in the 1940s to serve the battlefields of World War II. It glided into France on D-Day, it slogged through the Bulge. Today you can find…

Introducing: Car Show! with Eddie Alterman

Coming soon from Pushkin Industries: a show about why we drive what we drive. Hosted by Eddie Alterman, longtime editor of Car and Driver. 

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