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Hot Money is back. In this series, Financial Times reporter Miles Johnson investigates a mysterious murder in a small town that leads to a web of drugs, money laundering and state-sponsored assassinations stretching from Dublin to Dubai. At the centre is a cocaine super cartel that is revolutionising the global drugs market. This eight-part investigative podcast, published twice-weekly, probes the links between criminals and legitimate businesses, and between governments and gangsters.

Most Recent Episode

Episode 8 – The Red Notebook

Law enforcement cuts off the Kinahan cartel, and a little red notebook in the back of a car might finally reveal who killed the electrician in Almere.

Episode 7 – Against the Ropes

Daniel Kinahan is more influential than ever, but law enforcement may finally be catching up.

Episode 6 – Ties with Tehran

An undercover operation in New York reveals a connection with Tehran.

Episode 5 – Nerds vs Narcos

Back in the Netherlands, the high-tech unit of the Dutch police works to crack the murder case.

Episode 4 – Gangster’s Paradise

No longer safe in Europe, the cartel bosses move to a city that is attracting criminals from around the globe.

Episode 3 – Sun, Guns & Sangria

International law enforcement is after the Kinahan cartel, revealing just how big the operation has grown.

Episode 2 – Cocaine CEO

An enterprising Dublin drug dealer makes the most of a revolution sweeping across Europe’s criminal economy.

Episode 1 – Murder Brokers

When a Dutch crime reporter makes an unbelievable discovery, a small-town murder case begins to look like an international assassination plot.

Introducing Hot Money: The New Narcos

Hot Money is back with a new season that begins with a mysterious murder in a small town and leads to a cocaine super cartel and a secret proxy war…