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How is it legal for porn sites to host millions of videos uploaded by users? The answer is in the story of an Ohio family in the early 1990s.

In this episode: a family IT business, an FBI raid and a court case that set the precedent for porn – and for tech giants like Facebook and Twitter.

The Hosts

Miles Johnson

Miles Johnson, host of Hot Money Season 2, is an investigative reporter for the Financial Times. He has written stories about Russian mercenaries, Mayfair casino heists, money laundering by the…

Patricia Nilsson

Patricia Nilsson, host of Hot Money, is a reporter with the Financial Times, where she covers a broad range of industries such as retail, cannabis and — increasingly — porn. Before…

Alex Barker

Alex Barker, host of Hot Money, is the global media editor at the Financial Times, leading coverage of the entertainment, advertising and news business. He has reported for the FT…